Month: March 2020

How To Get The Best Experience During Your Uluru Tours

When you are planning Uluru tours, it is necessary to be prepared well in order to get the best experience during your travel. Uluru or the Ayers Rock is one of the magnificent sites that can give you a memorable travel experience. Like any tour, there are certain things you need to know before and after you arrive at this great travel destination. Here are some of the things to know during your Uluru tours.

Never climb the monolith

One of the essential things to know is that despite it is permitted to climb at the top of Uluru; you are advised not. It is necessary to avoid climbing because the indigenous people here do not like visits going to the top. They view this as one of the most sacred places for them, so it is necessary to respect them. However, this is not to mean that you will not enjoy the great things offered by its natural beauty. By standing beside Uluru, you will enjoy its natural glory, and you may not even find the need to climb at its top.

Make a point to visit during sunset

To get the best view during Uluru tours, it is necessary you get here during the sunset. This is necessary because this is not just an ordinary monolith you can visit anytime. It is formed by arkosic sandstone. This makes it possible for the rock to change colour depending on the position of the sun. So, you should expect that the formation to have different colours depending on the time of the day that you visit the place. During sunset, Uluru showcases an amber that makes it a great formation to view.

Plan for the tour effectively

The way you plan the tour highly determines the kind of experience you will get. The best thing is to get here through Alice Springs that has a lot of accommodation options and amenities. Driving from Alice Springs to Uluru takes about five hours. This is why you should plan so that you can arrive at the place at least one day before going to Uluru. By doing this, you will arrive at Uluru while you have rested and still fresh. Besides, you also have enough time to have longer trips across the park.

Enjoy the sight of the art-rock

The rock is not just a wonder to look, but it also has different pieces of great art worth checking. The caves found at the bottom of the rock has several pieces of art you can only find here. If you like to learn about other cultures, Uluru tours offer you this great option. The best way to learn about culture is to have a tour guide who understands the different arts. This ensures that you have a more informative experience, even as you enjoy the tour.

Remember other natural attractions around Uluru

You should also plan to visit Uluru-kata Tjuta national park site. You also get to enjoy watching the red kangaroos and other marsupial, camels and other formations around the rock.

Why Visiting Uluru in Australia Will be a Good Idea

If you are looking for a tour that will help you forget about the stresses that you might have gone through in the past, then Uluru tours will help. Most people who have the opportunity to visit Uluru can tell you for free that they still have sweet memories in their minds. That alone is enough to tell you that touring Uluru is worth your time and money. There are other benefits that you will get to enjoy if you choose Uluru tours.

Unique Dining Experiences

Not many people have had the opportunity to see stars from the desert while enjoying their favorite meals. If you happen to be one of them, then Uluru will serve the purpose for you. It is here where you will get the opportunity to enjoy a menu prepared and inspired by traditional Australian kangaroo, crocodile, and so on. After dinner, you will get the chance to the beauty of sitting under millions of stars.

Unique Tours

Getting something unique during your trips is all that you need to make your experience memorable. Now the good thing with Uluru tours is that you are assured of unique experiences that will leave you yearning for more. For instance, there are scenic helicopter tours that you can hardly get anywhere. Here, you will have a 360-degree view of the Uluru area. Another unique experience that you will enjoy is awakening tours.

Luxury Accommodation

After touring your place of interest, there is nothing that feels good, like getting quality accommodation to prepare you for the next day. It is only in Uluru tours where you have the opportunity to choose the type of accommodation that you feel will be the most appropriate for you. If, for instance, you love spending your night in a well prepared elevated tent, you will have that chance. Also, if you are the type that loves luxury hotels, all these will be made available for you as long as you have money to spend.

First-Hand Experiences

There are a lot of stories about Uluru tours on the internet. Sometimes, it is not good to get it from other people. Instead, you should find out on your own, and this is what you will get by purposing to tour Uluru areas. Here, you will get to learn and acknowledge the indigenous tribes of the region. If you do not know much about the Aboriginal culture, then this will be your opportunity to learn more about it.